Baja California is the northwestern Mexico peninsula, and it has so much to offer. Youll find a perfect mix of beautiful beaches, fishing, adventure, wineries, and amazing food throughout Baja but you dont have to head all the way down to Cabo. Many of the towns in northern Baja are still a little bit under the radar, making it a perfect place to plan a vacation, whether in real life, or virtual. Here are some of our favorite Baja highlights:

While youre there, visit some of the areas wineries in the Valle de Guadalupe region. You might not associate wine with Mexico, but northern Baja is home to more than 100 wineries that produce 90 of the wine from Mexico. The region is often compared to Napa, California – but its far more affordable.

Ojo de Liebre Lagoon Located about halfway between the U. . border and the southern tip of the Baja peninsula, this lagoon is located within a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its home to giant gray and blue whales, various types of seals, sea lions, sea turtles, and birds. You cant swim here, but you can take in the wildlife all around from the beach or a boat.

Cabo Pulmo Marine National Park Its not easy to get to this park located at the Baja peninsulas farthest southeastern tip. Its away from the highway, and the roads are rough. But once you arrive, youll be rewarded with a stunning beach thats home to the oldest coral reef in North America. Visit Playa del Arbolitos, where you can snorkel through the reef and swim with turtles, fish, and crabs.

If all of this hasnt whetted your appetite for some travel planning, how about a taste of Baja? Rubios is currently featuring the flavors of Puerto Nuevo on our menu for a limited time. Were offering a new Puerto Nuevo Burrito featuring Langostino Lobster, a Puerto Nuevo Two Taco Plate which includes The Original Fish Taco® and a Langostino Lobster Taco, and a fan-favorite, the Langostino Lobster Bowl.

In 1954, Rosa Mara Plasencia's father came to live in what's now the famous lobster village of Puerto Nuevo. He came because he'd heard there were lots of lobsters there. A year later, Rosa Mara's mother's family came. The two young people met, fell in love, married and built a tiny house across the street from what is now the family restaurant, Puerto Nuevo II.

In about 1956, Rosa Mara's father sent to Guadalajara for his brother and sister. They came and joined in the fishing and cooking. A few more families migrated to the area. One built a little stand next to the bus stop, where the welcoming arches are now. They sold sodas, snacks and burritos. Next to their stand was a billboard advertising New Port cigarettes. Americans would show up and ask the men to take them fishing in their pangas. When they came back in, they'd join the Mexicans in a big meal. The Americans named the village after that sign, which, translated into Spanish is Puerto Nuevo!

Over the years more and more people came from central Mexico. Some were intent on making their way to the USA, but stayed to fish and serve lobsters to the ever-growing crowds of visitors. A political activist, Seora Rentería, helped the families in Puerto Nuevo to get a grant from the government so they could have additional land to build on. She succeeded in getting 17 plots of land assigned to the locals and in gratitude for this; they named the village's main street after her. Restaurant Puerto Nuevo I founded by Rosa María's aunt and stepfather was built on the first lot assigned. Puerto Nuevo II was built on the second lot, and got its name because of it. A third family built yet another restaurant. All of them charged about 50 cents for a lobster dinner back then. A major growth spurt occurred in Puerto Nuevo in the '70s when the Ortega family came to town and built four restaurants, which they publicized widely.

Puerto Nuevo didnt even need the publicity which came with that episode of No Reservations lobster lovers had been flocking to this tiny fishing village in Baja California from all corners of Mexico and US long before it aired.

Set 20 minutes south of Rosarito Beach, Puerto Nuevo is not just any Mexican village. Itsthe self-described Lobster Capital of Mexico where you can choose from over 30 restaurants serving up one and the same dish: pan-fried Baja lobsters, freshly caught in the nearby waters,served with comforting refried beans, rice, flour tortillas and a spicy red sauce, butter and limes on the side.

Puerto Nuevo-style is now a world-famous synonym for the exquisite fried lobster offered in numerous restaurants but the village had very humble beginnings. It startedoff as a tiny fishermens settlement where they offered their daily catch literally from their kitchens. any of the local fishermen were natives of Jalisco, a Mexican state farther south. They brought with them the tradition of inviting their clients into their living rooms for a home-cooked meal, which often included succulent Pacific lobster caught just off the coast.

The people of Puerto Nuevo were so poor back then they only ate what they were able to catch i. . hummer. Unsurprisingly, they soon became sick of it but quickly discovered visitors liked it, so they started to exchange lobster for other goods and money and the livelihood of the villagers slowly improved.

The village was officially incorporated in 1956 with the opening of its first lobster restaurant,Puerto Nuevo II, which is still one of the most popular venues inthe area. Puerto Nuevo gained the most popularity in the 1970s and 80s and is now knownas the lobster village. f someones been to Baja at least once in their life, they probably went to get the famous crustacean lunch there.

There is a voodoo to lobster economics. rote Ian Brown researching lobster industry just north of Maine. What used to be poor mans fare, the fallback meal of people too impoverished to afford anything else, is now a billion dollar business and a universal mark of luxury with the result that a lobster that sells for $3. 0 on the wharf can cost $60 and more on a restaurant plate in New York or Toronto or Shanghai, regardless of how many lobsters are pulled from the sea.

One thing is certain you have to do your research beforehand and make your way to your selected restaurant confidently or else youll fall prey to a very convincing promoter of another, potentially mediocre venue and/or one of the many souvenir vendors. The village is very touristy as thats their main source of income, so just be prepared to respectfully decline the myriad of trinkets and menus offered to you. A polite no gracias will do just fine.

The ambiance and dcor throughout most of the restaurants is cheerful rustic Mexican, the side dishes are consistent and the pricing comparable, hence the choice is really tough. Obviously a clear advantage is ocean view. The restaurants that boast the best ocean-view tables are Villa Ortega, La Casa de Pescador, Angel del Mar and the somewhat underrated Siete Mares. Slightly away from the crashing waves youll find Sandras, La Casa De La Langosta, and the historic Puerto Nuevo II. EN

One good indication of quality is whether the tortillas are hand made in-house. Such is the case at Villa Ortega, an established restaurantset dramatically right above the ocean. his restaurant has been family-owned for five generations. Second recommendation is perhaps the least touristy venue in the village – Don Luis. It may not be tethering on a cliff but still offers some ocean views, a very cozy vibe, only local patrons and prices to match.

Lobsters in Baja also come in various sizes, however the best, most tender are the medium ones weighing around 1 pound. Even the restaurant owners will tell you that the XL lobsters are tougher and not as succulent. Prices for a lobster dinner with all the trimmings will range from 15 to 30 depending on the size of the lobster you decide to get.

The lobsters caught here in Baja Norte are called spiny lobsters, also known as langostas or rock lobsters. Compared to their distant relatives from Maine, spiny lobsters have much larger antennae and do not have claws. nlike Maine Lobster, where there is a lot of messy cracking involved, the ones here come out already conveniently split and ready to dig into.

Tip: According to tradition, the lobsters are pan-fried in lard, so the meat stays soft and tender, andmakes it extra flavorful while crunchy on the outside. owever, you can ask to have yours cooked in vegetable oil, and in fact many restaurants do that by default today as its simply cheaper. But if you want to be sure to avoid lard, always double check.

Please also note that lobster season in Baja runs from October through March. If you visit at other times of the year your lobster may be imported, cooked from frozen, or worse still illegal catch.

Hvis du er baseret, skal du gå til Long Beach, hvor kokken Thomas Ortega og hans Alta / Baja California Cuisine RestaurantPlaya Amor vil genvinde din kærlighedsaffære med Puerto Nuevos Hummer. Dette kritisk Reklameret Kokken tilbyder en sofistikeret, playa-inspireret menu med moderne pocho og moderne mexicansk køkken. Du finder en tilgængelig, men gourmetoplevelse, der afspejler multikulturel , mexicansk-amerikansk arv i det sydlige Californien, er dog respekt for syd for grænsen Puerto Nuevo-traditionen. Buen Provecho!

Puerto Nuevo er berømt som Hummer Capital Baja California. Denne traditionelle badeby er et must-besøg destination. Beliggende i kommunen Rosarito Beach, er denne fortryllende hummerby hjem til mindre end 150 beboere. Men kulturelle charme og hummer gør det til en attraktion med kulinarisk glæde og varm mexicansk gæstfrihed.

Hele regionen af ​​Rosarito er godt bekendt med Puerto Nuevo-stilen af ​​hummer. Men selve landsbyen er det første sted at nyde det. Puerto Nuevo kokke og kokke pan stege hummeren i svinekød for at holde hummer kød lækker og fugtig. Landsbyen er hjemsted for omkring tredive restauranter, der specialiserer sig i denne stangfrit Ekspertise . Serveret autentisk med tortillas, ris og bønner, et Puerto Nuevo Hummer Meal er det bedste i mexicansk køkken.

Nyd en perfekt kogt hummer mens du ser solnedgangen i Stillehavet er en god dag. Men besøgende til Puerto Nuevo nyder også shopping for mexicanske varer og kunsthåndværk i byen. Mens ikke som udviklet som sin rosarito nabo, tilbyder Puerto Nuevo en landsbyoplevelse fyldt med autentisk kultur samt smag. Puerto Nuevo er tæt på mange Baja seværdighed s; Det er et yndlingssted at besøge for en dejlig flugt eller side-ture fra andre Baja California byer som Rosarito Beach og Tijuana.

Bare ti minutter syd for Rosarito, er Lobster Village også kun under en time fra San Diego, Californien. Mange mennesker går også til byen for forskellige byfestivaler holdt på hovedgaden som den berømte øl og hummerfestival og bøf og hummer fest. Hummer er i hjertet af Puerto Nuevo, men det er den vigtigste grund til, at så mange turister flokkes der for et måltid - og vender tilbage til endnu en!

Når det kommer til at vælge en restaurant, vælger mange besøgende atmosfære eller en lokal anbefaling. Da de alle tilbyder pan-stegt hummer, er det ikke overraskende, at det kan være udfordrende at beslutte på et sted at spise. Nogle besøgende foretrækker frisk hummer at blive frosset, så sørg for at finde ud af, hvad din restaurants restaurant serverer. Invariably, de fleste serverer frisk hummer, men for den smukkeste smag, gå til en medium hummer, som har tendens til at lave mad til perfektion. Kontanter foretrækkes til kreditkort, når det kommer til Puerto Nuevo, så det er bedst at planlægge at betale med kontanter. Nogle af de højere ende restauranter har elegant spisning og tilbyder en oceanide indstilling. Mange af byerne Bedste steder at spise også prale af terrasser og velassorterede barer.

Med sine smukke strande og landskab er nærliggende Rosarito Beach et stort turistmål for staten Baja California. Fra luksushoteller til Affordable Inns er der masser af gode steder at bo. Og selvfølgelig mange ting at se og gøre. Fra Hesteryg Ridning på stranden til hvalsafari til Scuba, giver Rosarito alle makings af en førsteklasses ferie. Plus, dens nærhed til hummerkapitalen er blot en af ​​sine mange charme.

Nyd byerne utroligt natteliv eller nyd en weekend getawaymexican stil. Tijuana er fuld af gode restauranter, caféer og kulturelle steder, som besøgende til landet elsker. Inden for kørselsafstand fra Puerto Nuevo er Tijuana fyldt med lokkende steder, men mange besøgende elsker at undslippe folkemængderne og gå til hummerbyen for sine uovertruffen spiser.

Dette internationalt roste ferie hot spot har alt hvad vacationers til Mexico. Aktiviteterne omfatter hoteller i verdensklasse og resorts og masser af betagende havudsigt og strande. Shopping, spisestue, golf og endda besøger de nærliggende vingårde er blot nogle få ting besøgende til Ensenada elsker at gøre.

Turister kommer fra vidt og bredt for at nyde de internationalt berømte løb som Baja 500 og Baja 1000. Regionen omkring Rosarito og Puerto Nuevo tilbyder gode off-roading muligheder og masser af naturskønne terræn.

Vores første stop var på det historiske Rosarito Beach Hotel. Når jeg er her, forestiller jeg mig altid, hvad livet skal have været som tilbage i 1925 under forbudet æra, da Manuel Barbachano åbnede det første hotel i Rosarito. Hans hotel blev et paradis for det mere velhælede og hollywood sæt, og det var stedet at være for de rige og berømte. I dag kan du stadig føle, at Hollywood Glamour, når du træder fod ind på hotellet.

Tilbage på bussen gik vi på Puerto Nuevo. Vi bestod af Baja Studios oprindeligt bygget af tyvende århundrede ræv for rekonstruktion af RMS Titanic i 1997 film Titanic. Det meste af den episke film blev filmet lige her. Nogle andre bemærkelsesværdige film, der er blevet skudt her, omfatter: Disneys Pearl Harbor, hovedrollen Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale og Foxs Master og Commander: Den fjerne side af verden, hovedrolle Russell Crowe. Den britiske flåde skib HMS overraskelse, der var konstrueret her er docket på San Diego Maritime Museum og er en del af museerne Permanent Indsamling. I dag er studiet et uafhængigt mexicansk-ejet filmstudio, der stadig er til leje for store bevægelsesbilleder. Måske er deres største salgsargument som filmstudio, at de har den største vandtank i verden, til at skyde akvatiske tema-film som Titantic.

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